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Our 100% Fullblood Herdsire at 2 years old

We sell spotted Boer Goats 


WELCOME to our farm.  Specializing in fullblood and purebred Boer Goats in a variety of colors including: moonspots, polk-a-dots, dappleds,  paints & traditionals!   We are in love with their sweet personalities, uniquely marked coats & puppy dog-like ways. You should see their ears flopping as they come running up single file to us. Of course, the grain chumming helps!  It is true that they will eat anything from morning glories to sticks to fresh grass to leaves hanging off your trees.

CO Spotted Boer Goat breeder


Looking for the perfect colored Boer Goat?  Well search no more.  We offer a great variety of color & spots!


Willow our 1st Grandchild! 

Spotted, dappled, polk-a-dot Boer Goats

We are proud members of the following organization:

Butte Ditch Spotted Dappled Boer Goats for sale in CO



Left to right: Zach, Levi, Monica, Kriss, Lewis & Mark 

 Dappled delights!



Boer Goat kids in spots, dapples, polk-a-dots,moonspots, paints, solids & traditionals for sale

Spotted Boer Goat kids for sale year round by Butte Ditch Boer Goats located in Austin, CO.  Kids are ABGA and IBGA registered.

Butte Ditch Boer Goats   Kriss Jones 970-234-1595 or Kimberly Jones 970-234-1596



"Snow White is upset with me, yelling for her MOM.


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